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  • Crocus expo Moscow 16-19 october 2013

    Crocus Expo Moscow 16-19 october 2013


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    Sadecc 2013: 12th-15th April - Lyon (France)


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Giemmegi was established in 1961 by three young Italian craftsmen. Over the years, through their tenacity and hard work, driven by a desire to create innovative, high quality furniture, they have managed to bring their products into the homes of people all over the world. The company stands out, in particular, for the innovative boost that took place during the 1990s as a result of prestigious collaborations with architects and designers of international fame. Particularly important was the American project by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, which is still regarded as a milestone in kitchen design. This project marked the start of a journey founded on innovation and increasingly extreme tailoring, combined with the high standards of quality and research which have continued to be the basis of Giemmegi’s philosophy and production. We are both proud and happy about this journey that, over the last 52 years, has seen the company grow rapidly, achieving a high level of satisfaction and recognition. Excellent quality, innovation and creativity are our main features. For this reason, instead of moving towards mass-production we have specialized in creating unique kitchens and bathrooms that interpret the needs of the people who use them every day. For us, the most important thing is our clients and their cooperation which, every day, leads to the emergence of new, exclusive ideas. Our carefully managed production process is totally integrated from the bodywork to the doors. Every part of our kitchens is produced in-house thanks to the work of our teams in which each skilled member makes sure that the end result meets the client’s expectations. Bigger or smaller depths and heights are no problem. Our totally integrated production system makes it possible to carry out any type of modular finish or designer request, to provide additional mechanisms of any kind, to use curved, concave or convex elements, and to work the steel in the over 20 finishes available – there are no limits to what we can do.


From 1961. A life in the kitchen. From 1961 to date we have spent our lives in the kitchen, following the evolution of taste, the change of habits and ways of living. Always the central room of the house, by far the most experienced, what has actually experienced the most profound changes, also reflecting the changing of the family, the role of women and the need to adapt to new lifestyles. For over 50 years we have conceived, designed and built the most important room of the house, where they prepare the food and we gather to eat, to have a snack , tea or coffee. The crossroads of the house, a place of daily meeting. For that reason it is so important, comfortable, convenient, safe and sound. To last a lifetime.


Your custom-made kitchen

Our most exciting challenge is to satisfy our clients’ requests, to source special types of wood and colors, and to be able to offer our complete availability. Although there is certainly a true Giemmegi style, it is often developed in many different ways, all of which are characterized by our highly specialized, made-to-measure philosophy so that, for us, customization is the only standard. Although we often mention tailoring we like to talk about carpentry as well: the ability to define those furnishing details that truly make the difference. We have translated this formula into a product list that is unique in the world of fitted kitchens, a list organized according to the ranges of height, depth and width available: doors, basket drawers or column cabinets, it makes no difference. There is no additional cost for customized items, for colors or woods not already featured in our vast range of proposals, guaranteeing absolute freedom of design.
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Our collection

From the kitchen to the bedroom through the living area, Must Italia, is a collection, but before a project by Giemmegi, inspired by research to combines modernity, tradition, luxury, craftsman working and quality materials. The unique inspiration is the pursuit of quality, all the elements coming from daily living. Any item or material is strictly made in Italy, and it is manufactured and tested inside of the company. Each product can be customized in the spirit Giemmegi and it is also expanded in the Must collection, with the end to create unique high and quality products.


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